Participation Instructions

Once you enroll in the conference, you will gain access the the conference activities, which will include:

  • Nine live presentations using Zoom videoconferencing software, with question and answer sessions following the presentation.
  • Archived video recordings for each event, in case you cannot attend a live presentation.
  • Presenter materials--whatever handouts, slideshows, links, or papers they wish to share with participants.
  • Online forums for follow up discussions with the presenters, who will monitor the threads for two days following the live presentations.
  • Quizzes related to each presentation, required by APA if you are interested in receiving the CEs that are awarded as part of your conference tuition.
  • Certificates of completion for each presentation, which will include the presentation titles, number of CEs, and the date of completion. These certificates will provide a record of your participation and CEs earned.

We will be providing instructions for setting up Zoom on your devices, procedures for completing the CE requirements, and schedules/login information for each presentation. You can find all of this information within the conference partition itself, once you enroll.

Last modified: Saturday, 20 August 2016, 10:15 PM